Finally revealed... how to transform yourself from "starving artist" to "successful photographer" in 3 life-changing steps.  Even in a lousy economy like ours!

Marketing is the one essential ingredient that separates the $500-per-year photographer from the $50,000-per-year photographer?   And this book will show you  how  to become part of the second group.

20 Ways to Market Your Photography Business

 Invest in this groundbreaking Photography Marketing Magic™ for only $49... that's less than 15 measly cents a day.   That's 221 pages of unique photography marketing knowledge collected in one easy-to-follow-system! 

Dear Frustrated Photographer: 

The average photographer makes something like $32,000 a year. That's barely a liveable wage, these days.

Now, back in 2006, Tessa Jones would have been estatic to make that much money.

You see, she was an ambitious young photographer who—by working herself senseless for more than a year—managed to earn the astonishing sum of...

Zero Dollars!

That's right. Tessa was aggressively honing her photography skills but had still hit the big goose-egg.

But then she joined a local business networking group, where she met a marketing strategist who just happened to publish a popular photography newsletter.

And after meeting with him just twice at the local coffee shop...

Tessa Sold Over $4,400 of
her Photography in the Next 3 Weeks!

And she's just kept going from there. In the nearly 4 years since, Tessa has booked over 40 weddings (including one in Jamaica)... dozens of portrait sessions... a regular magazine cover shoot... several spicy boudoir sessions. The list goes on and on.

Now, as you can probably guess, I was that marketing strategist.

And it was during those first few meetings with Tessa that I got the inspiration to take everything I had taught in my photography newsletter and  put it all in one book.

Over the next couple of years, my Photography Marketing Magic  system was born. It's 34 chapters of...

Pure Information You Can Use
Right Now—Today!

For instance, if you flip to page 116 you can check out the naughty "Girls, It's Time to Get Naked" letter that Tessa sent out—which booked her more boudoir clients than she could even handle.

And if you check out page 170, you'll learn why you should join your local networking group  immediately ... and how this group can exponentially expand your business.

And if you read page 56 you'll learn how to quickly and easily raise your fees without sending your clients running for the hills. 


Look, it doesn't matter if you've been doing photography for 30 years or 30 minutes. This system will teach you valuable secrets like...

The critical mistake almost ALL photographers make that can be devastating to your bank account. Page 46
How to quickly become the go-to photographer in your specific niche. Page 178
8 things all successful photography websites have in common. Page 66
One expensive blunder that can deplete your advertising budget in a heartbeat. Page 217

Two fundamental questions you must answer before you can start making real money as a photographer. Page 17

What people are saying about my work...

"I'm excited about this marketing system because it explains things in terms I can understand."

Trease L. Carpenter
Kingsport, TN

Now, the style of the Photography Marketing Magic    system is very "coffee house casual"—written as if you and I were just hanging out at the neighborhood cafe, swapping marketing ideas by the fireplace.

But although this system has a casual voice, and is easy to read... it's  loaded  with dozens of specific examples of how to...

Light a Fire Under
Your Current Advertising!

But it doesn't just cover traditional ads.

Nope. There are entire chapters on how to successfully market with photography blogs... newsletters... Yellow Pages ads...  sales letters ... postcards... etc.

In fact, you'll learn highly specific strategies like...

8 commonly-ignored tips you must follow to create a Yellow Pages ad that will have your phone ringing off the hook. Pages 161-162

4 ways to use your photography blog to actively and powerfully build your business... and the 3 places to start if you don't have one yet. Pages 146-147
6 elements that all effective print ads contain. Page 219
The only 3 things your successful classified ad needs... and the 2 crucial things you must remember when placing your ad. Page 173
6 things to include on the back of your direct-mail postcards (and a subtle reminder of which days not to mail those postcards!) Page 99

7 creative items to put on the front of your business cards... and the one critical ingredient your business cards are probably missing. Pages 119-120


What people are saying about my work...

"Jim's book came at the perfect time in my journey to give me the tools to move my photography business forward. I now have a vision for what I need to work on for the future of my business. The format makes it interesting and easy to read and understand."

Heather R. Dillon
Mayfield, KY


Now, it doesn't matter what your photography specialty is—portrait, real estate, glamour, nature, product, automotive.

It doesn't matter if you aspire to be Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, or the person who shoots the Pottery Barn catalog.

It doesn't matter... because this system doesn't talk at all about photography itself—there's no mention of f-stops, exposure, or digital processing.

You see, this is  strictly  a marketing system. So it will teach you how to use your photography knowledge to...

Make More Money With
Your Camera Than
You're Making Today!

One important thing that this system covers—and which most other systems neglect—is how to use good old-fashioned "people skills" to your advantage.

For instance, you'll learn...

  Why you should never respond to your e-mails for at least 24 hours... and 5 other surefire ways to create more demand for your photography services. Pages 60-61
  How forming joint ventures with other local business owners (even other photographers) can make you very rich. Page 169
  How to transform your most annoying friend or client into one of your most valuable marketing assets... and 4 ways to harness this asset into powerful free publicity that will promote your business like wildfire. Page 38
  5 questions your "elevator speech" must have that will have clients begging to hire you. Page 25
  A 6-step system for getting referrals and additional sales from your existing clients. Page 50
  The common phrase that should NOT be part of your vocabulary... and the single common word that can help you shape your photography business exactly how you want it. Page 43

Why the customer is not always right... and the simple solution for dealing with unpleasant clients. Page 44

What people said about my PhotoMarketingMagic newsletter...

"I am a Spanish photographer. Since I've been receiving your newsletter, I've made big progress in my commercial marketing work. I've read a lot of business books... but none of them are focused on the photography business. For me, receiving your newsletter is like getting a present."

Mikel Muruzabel

Now, I should warn you—you're probably going to lose some sleep once you start reading the Photography Marketing Magic   system. It's addictive because it's so powerful  and  so simple.


But there's no fluff here—so don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to read it two... three... even four times!

And once you do, you'll be armed with solid-gold information like...

  8 all-important questions that will help you identify the ideal client for your business... and why identifying this ideal client will positively impact every single marketing decision you ever make! Pages 29-30
  10 questions that will help you focus your business like a laser beam... and 3 reasons why  not   being focused can mean a slow death to your bank account. Page 20
  3 simple ways to capture the e-mail addresses of your current and past clients (and why it's so important to do this). Page 198
  The most important part of  any   advertising piece... and a simple way to test how well it works on  your   advertisement. Page 81
  How to collect convincing client testimonials... and how to edit these testimonials for maximum effectiveness. Page 89


What people are saying about my work...

"James has been a tremendous help in getting my photography business noticed. I've worked with him for years... and I can always count on his marketing advice and expertise."

Erica Calnon
Sacramento, CA


Now, there's one huge elephant in the room that we haven't talked about yet... our lousy economy (which, fortunately, seems to be on the mend).

I mean, even people who were raking in the dough just a few years ago are struggling.

Many of your competitors are tearing their hair out—or worse, closing up shop. Because  everybody's customers  are scared to open up their wallets and buy things.

But the silver lining for you is that...

Even in a Bad Economy,
People Are Still Going
To Buy Pictures!

People are still going to get married. People are still going to graduate from high school. People are still going to have cute little babies.

And people are still going to need pictures taken of all these wonderful events. 

And as long as you're smart and clever about how you run your business,  you  can be the one taking these pictures. And that's where this Photography Marketing Magic   system can truly make a difference.

By pointing you in the right direction and teaching you some hard-to-find wisdom like...

  13 innovative, out-of-the-box ways to market your photography business. Page 194
  How paying attention to other peoples' kids can add thousands of dollars to your bank account... and 11 other ways to make world-class customer service a top priority. Pages 42-43.
  Three simple but effective ways to get free publicity using just the power of your own words. Page 39
  How to structure an automated e-mail campaign for maximum profit... and how to overcome the 4 hurdles you'll need to overcome to do it. Pages 203-204
  Why selling to a tightly-defined niche market is much more effective than selling to anybody... how to identify which niche market is most appropriate for you... and what do to if you discover 2 completely different niche markets you'd like to work for. Pages 32 and 35
  Why you shouldn't begin to write a single word of your advertisement or website until you've answered these 2 critical questions. Page 28
  6 ways to make your visits to photography forums profitable—attracting new clients while everybody else is just trading idle chatter. Pages 142-143

What people are saying about my work...

"James' consistent ideas and creativity have added amazing value to my business projects."

Marie Alvarez
Sacramento, CA

Am I Giving This System
Away For Free?

Well, no.

But I  have   gotten a lot of advice on what to charge for my Photography Marketing Magic   system—my 9-year-old thinks I should charge 1 million dollars.

Obviously, I'm not going to charge that.

So, I figured, if I were to teach this information to one of my individual coaching clients, it would take at least 20 hours. At my going rate of $50/hour, this comes out to around $1,000.

But I'm not going to charge that either. Not even close.

Because I have to charge a price I can live with. A price I believe is completely fair.

So I'm not going to charge 1 million dollars... or $1,000... or $200... or even $100.

No, I'm now offering my Photography Marketing Magic   system for a much more reasonable price—only $49 . That's  less than 15 cents a day  for a system  I guarantee  will improve your marketing skills... and put more money in your pocket.

About this guarantee—well, one of the things I heavily emphasize in this system is  world-class customer service.   And because this book is being offered through Clickbank, you are privy to their amazing 8-week guarantee:  Clickbank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase.


In other words, you have an entire 8 weeks to read this system... and if you don't feel like it can make all the difference to your photography success... just ask for a refund.

Now, what else does this system emphasize? Well, just so you can feel 100% confident in your decision to invest in this system, here is the...

Complete Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Why You Need to RADICALLY Change the Way You Think About Your Photography Business

Chapter 2:  Is Your Photography Business Out of Focus?

Chapter 3:  Identifying Your Ideal Client

Chapter 4:  Your Very Best Marketing Tool Is Located Right Below Your Nose.

Chapter 5:  Go the Extra Mile For Your Clients... And They'll Go  Two   Extra Miles For You

Chapter 6:  The One Critical Mistake That Almost ALL Photographers Make

Chapter 7:  How to Raise Your Fees Without Scaring Off Your Clients

Chapter 8:  Why You Should Never Answer Your Phone

Chapter 9:  It's the 21st Century... Why the Heck Don't You Have a Website Yet?

Chapter 10:  Did You Hear About the Guy Who Traded a Paper Clip For a House?

Chapter 11:  An Amazing Way to Secure Future Clients

Chapter 12:  Call to Action: The Most Important Part of ANY Advertising Piece

Chapter 13:  The Amazing Power of Testimonials

Chapter 14:  20 Ways to Market Your Photography Business

Chapter 15:  How to Attract New Clients For Only 27 Cents Each

Chapter 16:  If You Try Only One Advertising Method This Year...

Chapter 17:  What Most Photographers Don't Know About Business Cards

Chapter 18:  The SMART Way to Use Telemarketing In Your Business

Chapter 19:  How to use WORDS to Sell Your Pictures

Chapter 20:  If You Have Something IMPORTANT To Say... Announce it  Proudly  to the World

Chapter 21:  Photography Forums: Worthwhile, or Just Plain Addictive?

Chapter 22:  The Blogs Are Coming! The Blogs Are Coming!

Chapter 23:  The Magic of Newsletters: Keep in Touch... Make a Bunch

Chapter 24:  The Yellow Pages Can Leave You Feeling Blue

Chapter 25:  Only Read This Chapter If You Want To Get REALLY Rich!

Chapter 26:  The Astonishing Power of Your Local Networking Group

Chapter 27:  Two-step Your Way to Photography Profits

Chapter 28:  Becoming the Go-To Photographer

Chapter 29:  Two Ways To Make Money  Without   Your Camera

Chapter 30:  13 Innovative Ways to Market Your Business

Chapter 31:  If it Looks Like SPAM, and Tastes Like SPAM...

Chapter 32:  Click... Click... Click... Cha-CHING

Chapter 33:  How to Make Money--One Holiday at a Time

Chapter 34:  Making Newspaper and Magazines the Big Guns in Your Marketing Arsenal

So as you can see, my Photography Marketing Magic   system is  packed  with hands-on information you can actually use... and if you're at all serious about launching your business into overdrive, it will be  worth many times more  than you paid for it. 

Ordering Information

This is the great part. When you purchase this book (either with credit card, debit card, or through PayPal), you can download it immediately (depending on your internet connection) as a PDF file.

You can then print it out... or just read it directly on your computer. Once your payment of $49  has been accepted, you will be able to download your copy of the Photography Marketing Magic TM  system right away.

Yes, James, I'd like to purchase the Photography Marketing Magic TM system today!

Price: $49

Note: You will be directed to a Secure Order Form

Look, don't waste another minute being a "starving artist." Make your dreams happen and order today.

And here's wishing you peace, happiness... and a whole lot of photography profits!


  James Robert Gratiot


P.S. Look, the truth is that making a living as a photographer  is not  as hard as you might think. It just requires belief in yourself... and a road map.

And this Photography Marketing Magic   system might be exactly the road map you need. So order risk-free today.


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